Face Naturals: Product Reviews

by The Ingredient Critic on January 19, 2011

I tried my Face Naturals samplers today, and here are my initial thoughts:

  1. Purify Toner  (for Oily Skin) – Love it! This stuff smells great and immediately makes my face feel softer/smoother. My mineral make-up applied more evenly than usual after I used this toner.
  2. Anti-Aging Night Creme for Face and Eyes – It has almost a minty aroma to it that makes my skin tingle at first. It’s great. I’ll have to give more feedback on the anti-aging aspect of it after I’ve used it for a while.
  3. Organic Peppermint and Tea Tee Deodorant Stick – This stuff is seriously pepperminty!! I could feel it tingle my armpits long after I applied it. I think I put on too much at first because it was a bit flakey. I’ll apply less in the future and give you more feedback after using it more frequently.
  4. Organic Lavender-Honey Healing Cream – It’s a bit watery, but the smell of it is amazing. (All of these products smell like bits of heaven, actually!) I didn’t realize it was for rosacea or eczema. But it does say that it also treats windburned, chapped, or sunburned skin as well. Since my hands get quite windburned and chapped from the Minnesota winters, I’ll use this soon and let you know how I like it.
  5. 100% Pure Dead Sea Mineral Mud – Tried the mask today! I was warned by the company that it stains, so I was sure to use an old beat up wash cloth. My reaction:  Love it! I left it on for about 10 minutes, until the mud was completely dry. Then, I washed it off while I took my shower. My face was so smooth and my pores seemed to shrink up a bit. I’m excited to use this on a regular basis.

I have enough of all the product samples left to last me at least a week. I’ll update this blog on all 5 products after I’ve used them a bit more. I just couldn’t wait to put up my initial reactions, though. More soon…


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linda yorkey hall February 6, 2014 at 12:48 am

I would lov to try the mask especially. I’m going to look for their official website.
Thank You,
Linda Yorkey Hall


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